Taylor has had a passion for many genres of art from an early age. Whether it was drawing, singing, songwriting, or dancing, she was always happiest when she was able to create. 

After years of being asked by friends and family for help designing their homes, it occurred to Taylor to parlay her creative talents into a career in interior design.

She understands the impact environment has on a person's mental and physical states and believes that a happy home (or workplace) is one that provides an inspiring setting. Taylor's aesthetic is clean and sophisticated, but never cold or without playful touches. She has a unique gift for mixing materials and textures to create the look and feel of a space that was curated over time. 

After attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for a certificate in design, Taylor founded Taylor Helene Interiors. From work that ranges from residential to commercial, she is skilled in assisting clients through all the phases of design and working closely with architects and contractors to exact her clients’ vision for a functional, beautiful space.  From space planning to finish and furniture selection, Taylor guides home and business owners through the renovation to give them a design uniquely their own.

Taylor deeply values the trust of her clients and aims to provide them with an excellent experience, leaving them with a space they will love for years to come.